The Providence Journal, page B1 – May 20, 1974

The Lincoln Student School Committee was created in 1973 and is the only one of its kind in RI.

It was proposed by the student council to have this group of delegates attend the School Committee’s meetings.

The superintendent said that the student committee

“…definitely has opened a valuable avenue of communication.”

The Student Committee Chairman asserted that:

“Just the fact that we (the student school board) [exist] showed that we’re not all hoodlums.”

The Student School Committee focused on a variety of issues – they…

  1. Surveyed students around the state and in Massachusetts to get youth input on whether or not “no smoking” rules should be enforced.
  2. Circulated a survey to get feedback about an “open campus” to allow students to spend free time outside of the classroom.
  3. Advocated for mandatory meetings between students and guidance counselors.

The chairman of the student school board says that an important lesson he’s learned in his position is that “change takes time” – new ideas won’t take shape immediately. He also thinks that the Lincoln student school committee should be doing more to represent students in the middle and elementary grade levels. There is work being done to improve communication channels between these younger students and the high school representatives.

The student school committee is not elected by the student body at large, but rather by a elections board put together by the student council.


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