Students protest double sessions Hundreds walk out over defeat of bond issue

The Providence Journal, p. C1 – October 14, 1983 

About 40 students protested the vote against expanding the Chariho High School to better accommodate the increasing number of students. The student that made an announcement for the demonstration over the loud speaker was suspended.

Youth made signs that read:

“Our future is your future”

“We want knowledge to go to college”

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”

A student leader asserted:

“We are not doing this to hurt anyone […] We are too young to vote for the bond issue, but we do have an opinion about double sessions.”


Johnston High School Students use boycott to protest lunches

The Provide Journal, page B1 – March 10, 1976

On March 9th, a majority of students at Johnston High School boycotted purchasing lunch from the cafeteria to protest the high cost and poor quality of the food. Only 25 students (out of a total of 500) bought food that day. The demonstration was an attempt to improve the state food program, which provides food for Johnston public schools. Students say that the school is overcharging for food they can buy cheaper elsewhere. The Rhode Island governor at the time suggested an increase of 10 cents per day for lunch next year, with the current price set a 50 cents. 

Students distributed pamphlets that read:

“Boycott! Let’s boycott all food sold in the cafeteria. We must boycott to improve the quality of lunches. Bring your own lunch and boycott!”

“If you are displeased with the quality of hot lunches, please boycott, Do Not Buy! If you are displeased with the price of Drake’s Cakes, please boycott. Do Not Buy!”