Board approves 2-day suspensions for protesters; 700 may be affected

The Providence Journal, page C1 – October 18, 1983

A mass of students, ranging from 300 to as many as 700, staged a walkout to demonstrate their frustration with the double sessions at Chariho Regional School, arguing that such structuring of the school’s schedule leads to significant overcrowding. There was recently a vote to decide whether or not to enlarge the school – the result was a resounding no.


The School Board approved the punishment of 2-day suspensions for the students that participated in the protest.

The School Committee Chairman at the time asserted:

“None of the students should have been naive to think they wouldn’t be punished.”

Parents pushed back though, arguing that students should be allowed to express their views and that the punishment was too harsh against their children.


200 striking students are urged to return to school on Monday

The Providence Journal – May 18, 1974

Around 250 students (about 40% of the student body) at Pawtucket West High School staged a strike over changes to next year’s class schedule.


The demonstration served its purpose of getting the assistant superintendent for secondary education to meet with several student leaders, so strikers were encouraged to return to classes. The superintendent also met with students from Tolman High School, who similarly were protesting schedule changes happening across the district.

Some parents allowed their kids to stay home from school in support of their planned protest. 


The Pawtucket West principal said he would not punish the students that participated in the strike, but he would consider taking disciplinary action if the demonstrations continued.


Featured Image: 1974 Pawtucket West Yearbook, page 5