300 high school students walk out, are suspended in N. Providence

The Providence Journal, p. A5 – April 5th 1986

Seniors at North Providence spent a week organizing a one-day boycott of classes to protest school conditions and policies. The day of the demonstration, someone unexpectedly pulled the fire alarm, and everyone vacated the school. Only 250 students returned to class. The rest remained outside to prove their point. The students’ grievances were expressed during a meeting they held with school administrators before staging this protest. 

The student protesters expressed concerns about the following:

  • Elimination of early dismissal for seniors with a final period as a study hall.
  • Restroom conditions
  • Heating issues
  • Cafeteria overcrowding
  • Elimination of a student smoking room/prohibition of smoking on school property
  • The 18-Day Attendance Rule – the North Providence School Committee reduced the maximum amount of days students can be absent and still graduate from 40 to 18.


The youth involved were suspended and could only return to school once accompanied by a parent.


100 Students Stage Protest To No Avail

The Providence Journal, page 32 – October 28, 1966

About 100 Pawtucket West High School students protested having school while their teachers attended the annual Teachers’ Institute; in the past, students were given the two days off, but this year that is not the case.


The demonstration lasted 2 hours and did not prove successful, as almost all students returned to class afterward without changing the minds of administrators.


School leaders are contemplating whether or not to take disciplinary action against the students involved.


Featured Image: 1967 Pawtucket West Yearbook, pages 8-9